...We belong to the Club of the Oldest Schools in Poland...

The school opened its door for students on the 7th of October 1921.  The first organizer of "Unia" was Rev. Kazimierz Gostyński, an outstanding figure for Lublin's education, while Marceli Opitz was its first headmaster.  Since September 2010 Mr Grzegorz Lech , who is also the School’s graduate,  has served as headmaster.

From the early days of the School the emphasis was placed on a high level of learning and education.  The evidence of this is the fact that our school has always been classified high in national rankings of the best upper-secondary schools in Poland. 

‘Unia’ can also boast a long  list of  famous  alumni who succeeded in many different fields, eg.: Bożena Adamek –actress, Julia Hartwig –poet, Janusz Józefowicz - choreographer, scriptwriter, director, Anna Kamieńska-poet, Beata Kozidrak - singer, Teresa Liszcz – lawyer, politician, senator, Pelagia Majewska- pilot,  Marcin Świetlicki- poet and Marcin Wójcik – popular cabaret performer.

Our educational offer includes classes with the following extended curriculum:
- Mathematics and Geography
- Mathematics and Physics
- Biology and Chemistry (2 classes)
- Biology, Chemistry and Physics
- Humanistic and Journalism studies
- Humanistic studies
- Law and social studies

Students interested in foreign languages may participate in the international students' exchange programmes with partner schools in Germany, Israel, Ukraine as well as Youth in Action programme.