Welsh workshops in 'Unia' - :: III LO im. Unii Lubelskiej w Lublinie ::
Welsh workshops in 'Unia'
18.11.2013, autor: T. Palmi (kl. 2d)

At the end of October our school, thanks to the workshops organised by M. Sobieszek-Jabłoniec and Tomasz Palmi (2d), had the opportunity to host two lovely Welsh girls : Lucia Jones and Alice Lord. The girls delivered a splendid presentation about Wales to the students of classes 1e, 1h, 2a, 2d, 2g and 3d  during their  week- long stay in our beautiful country. This was a great chance for the students to experience a bit of British culture and  English language right from the source. Our students also got to learn some Welsh and play different interesting games, which they approached with great enthusiasm making it fruitful and unforgettable experience for both our young teachers and us.